Ran into an Old Girlfriend

I finally got moved into my new place, weird coincidence when I did. It is an apartment complex called scott mountain by the brook and it took me a lot of research to decide upon the place. I was looking for a place that was good with my dog, which is a really big and ugly thing. When I got him he was really cute and I thought he was more grown up than he probably was. In fact I thought he was several months old and I would guess that he was barely weaned when I let that girl talk me into taking him. Now he is probably around 90 pounds and maybe more and he has great big jowls which are always slathering like a fountain. He was a huge ball of energy when he was a puppy, but now he is a lot more sedate now. That is good, as I could probably not handle him so well now that I am getting older. At any rate I was moving in and I decide to just put stuff over the side of the little balcony or porch. In fact I set up a table there and piled stuff on it until it would hold nothing more. All of a sudden someone called my name, in fact it was a voice from the past. I looked up eventually and saw a girl that I used to date staring down at me. In fact she was looking very good and so was the girl beside her. I thought she had been married and living in Tullahoma, which she did. The girl beside her was her younger sister by about three years, apparently just back in town after graduating from Oregon State and getting a job downtown. It was a bit surreal.

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