Great Smelling Hair Can Be Yours

As a man with a rocking, flowing mane of hair left over from my days as a metalhead – I take the personal care and health of my hair as serious business. I can’t have my hair being too oily or too dry. It needs to shine and not look dead, limp and scraggly. That’s why I’ve got so many different products to choose from, usually based around the time of the season, but my absolute favorite has to be coconut oil for hair. Coconut oil is exactly what a guy like me needs; I have naturally oily hair so it’s super easy for me to over do it with some products and wake up with stained, oily pillow cases and my hair looking lie I’m a teenager all over again with that oily shine. It’s heavy without being too much and the smell is amazing, so much better than those Dove products out there.

Taking care of my hair is something that I had to learn on my own, as well.

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